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Now that you know all about how we maintain our creativity and some of the amazing perks working at JibJab has to offer, don’t you want to work with us?  That’s what we thought.  Well if you are a software programmer, you’re are in luck!  We are hiring engineers to be a part of our amazing tech team! Check out the job description below & see if you fit – if so, apply for the job here.  If not perhaps you know a tech superstar that has the passion needed to be a JibJabber? Pass along our post on LinkedIn to your friends.

Software Engineer

JibJab Media – Venice (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Job Description-

  • Are you a software engineer with a need to build something cool?
  • Are you a web developer with a passion for new tech and awesome interfaces?
  • Are you a genius who wants to use your powers for good?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a job for you:

JibJab is looking for talented, team-players to help bring funny to the people!

In the past twelve months, JibJab’s talented engineering team has built products that have served laughs to over 100 million people around the world.  Our ‘Starring You’ product that allows users to put themselves, family and friends into JibJab videos and pictures is the biggest personalized media product on the web.  Since we launched it, users have created over 100 million pieces of content that have been viewed over 750 million times.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Build web software on the Ruby on Rails platform to create forward-looking solutions to interesting problems in massive-scale media creation and distribution.
  • Build components and technology for the JibJab website and other JibJab properties.
  • Integrate with the coolest stuff the interwebs has to offer: HTML5, Facebook, Twitter, cloud computing, just to name a few.
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile. Nuff said.
  • Work with a passion for quality and maintainability. “Don’t leave broken windows unrepaired.”
  • Have fun!  Remember – we’re funny people… mostly.
Desired Skills & Experience-
  • At least 3 years of experience building dynamic websites using web application frameworks. (We are a Ruby on Rails shop. If you’re not a RoR person, but think you’ve got what it takes, send your resume along. If you’re a perfect fit, we’ll buy you a book. We know you can do it.)
  • A firm grasp of web application basics: HTTP, SSL, cookies, database access, browser weirdness, etc.
  • Experience using standard web technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, JSON, Ajax, Javascript, JS libraries) and integrating with distributed services. HTML5 skillz are a plus.
  • Experience developing iOS/Mobile Web applications is a huge bonus.
  • More than a casual familiarity with databases and schema design. We’re a PostgreSQL shop, so the more experience with that, the better.
  • We are always looking to grow and evolve our software. Interest and/or experience with emerging technologies like Rails 3, NoSQL databases and cloud computing is critical.

Company Description

JibJab Media Inc. is an online media company that has been pioneering digital entertainment production and distribution since 1999. In 2007, JibJab launched its popular JibJab Sendables brand of eCards. As of June 30, 2008, over 170 comedians, writers, artists, musicians and performers had created over 1,200 titles in the JibJab Sendables library.

2 responses to “We’re Hiring!”

  1. Not enough werewolves and vampires (a la Nightfall; True bleed; ThUnderworld); Comic book, the posters of DC v Marvel; don’t forget Halo, GTA; then you should have Vin Diesel anything; if they’re dumb enough to resurrect Chuck’s Broads, come on; Doctor shows seem a little on the light side too, but I probably haven’t found that page Kill Hare, Warcus Melby MD, St Anywhere, Shay’s Anatomy; LAST; then there’s Anything made over; bachelor bets; movies my kids consider classics–Hungover; Dudes of Blizzards (like in Dairy Queen); and cop shows; NCIA, CIS elsewhere, user provides the location; Prancing with the Stars; Hairback mountain; I could do this all day, and sometimes do… You should see my Pirates and Matrix powerpoints…
    Bogart, Newman, Gable, etc

  2. Let me introduce myself. My name is Patricia De Andrade and I work in Neomobile, a Global Mobile Media Company with Headquarter in Rome (please find attached our Fact Sheet). We are operating in Mobile Entertainment, M-Commerce, Mobile Marketing and Mobile Gambling. Regarding D2C, we have different distribution channels like WAP, WEB and TV. Regarding Web we go live on Google, Yahoo and other many affiliated partners. Moreover, we are present on major Operator’s portals in the countries we’re operating in.

    Browsing Jib Jab site, we’ve learnt that your company is providing a great number of the picture that client can utilize to make the funny face photo montages. We’d like to create a mobile service that permits the client to download the “personalized” image on his mobile device. We’d like to discuss with you the possibility of the collaboration on this project in technical and economic terms.

    What do you reckon?

    Thanks and best,
    Patricia De Amdrade

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