Big Daddy Dynamite

We’ve been jonesing over our latest 1970s-inspired Father’s Day eCard. This Blaxploitation parody had us laughing throughout the whole production process, even back when the video was nothing but a series of video clips with grainy voiceover. Check out this early version of Big Daddy Dynamite, complete with empty scenes and a temporary voice track, courtesy of our writer, Andy.

This is a common step when we use old footage to piece together an eCard. We go through hours and hours of movies looking for scenes that we can write a few gags around. We loosely assemble those scenes, leaving gaps for possible future ideas, and edit it with a temporary voice track. Finally, we fill out the piece by keeping the best gags and trimming out the weaker ones, leaving us with a pretty funkadelic old-school eCard!

Can ya dig it?

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