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A Promising Summer

Every summer here at JibJab we welcome in a group of highly talented, super cool interns to come on board and be a part of the team for 3 months.  We get hundreds of applicants for the JibJab Internship Program and the amount of talent out there is just staggering!  If we were a larger studio we would have hired DOZENS more but unfortunately we had to narrow it down to just 8 people.  This year’s incredible team joins us from the following places…

Out of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia comes the amazing Kurt Hartfelder* and Sean Rhodes.  Joining us from Sheridan in Ontario, Canada we have the astonishing Ashlyn Anstee  and Eddie West.  From Ringling in Sarasota, FL comes the multi-faceted, multi-talented Elizabeth McMahill and rounding out the team from CalArts in Valencia, CA comes the powerhouse trio of Jeff LuiKai Wu and Stephen Herczeg.

We are SUPER excited to have these guys and gals on board and are looking forward to a very productive summer.  The JibJab Internship Program is not about getting free labor to fetch us coffee.  (We get our own darn coffee!)  This group is hired and paid to work hand-in-hand with our full-time staff artists on real projects for the studio.  So far they have only been here for a month and we can already tell that we have chosen wisely.  Here’s to a most excellent summer!

* We just had to add that Kurt used to be a professional baseball player because we think it’s super cool.  You can check out his stats here!

One response to “A Promising Summer”

  1. Love most of your personalized jibjabs. How about more cards for those of us who have who don’t drink, swear, or use put-downs with our friends. Humor can be clean and clever, hilarious and not boring and much more appealing to the “older” crowd.

    Let’s see more funny, clean, intelligent jibjabs.

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