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JibJab Jr. Launches!

Last week we finally got to show the world our brand new baby – the JibJab Jr. storybook app for kids! We hope your kids are enjoying it as much as our kids!

When we built JibJab Jr. Books, we really wanted it to be about reading stories together with your kids, so they’re not hyper-clickable toys. As parents, we know the goal is to wind the kids down- not wind them up!

We were so happy to hear all of the great feedback and stoked to be featured in USA Today!

One thing we have heard in the feedback is that you want sound. So do we! We are working on it right now and will keep you updated with regards to when we expect to release it.

We currently have three JibJab Jr. Books available:

1. The Biggest Pizza Ever (it comes included when you download the app for free)

2. Alphabet Wrangler

3. Ocean Commotion

Every month, we’ll have a new book available. If you sign up for the monthly book, you’ll get it automatically for $3.99 a month. As a subscriber, you also get to buy any additional titles you want for $3.99, which is 50% off the non-subscriber price of $7.99.

Thanks for all of the feedback and support for the launch of JibJab Jr. We are looking forward to serving you, your kids, and our kids great tales in the months and years ahead.

Happy Reading!


16 responses to “JibJab Jr. Launches!”

    • Hi Scott – Right now JibJab Jr. is built exclusively for the iPad. We are a small team and, in order to build the best app possible, decided to focus 100% of our resources into making the iPad great as opposed to supporting Android. Hopefully the business will grow and we will have the money to invest in an Android version of JibJab Jr. in the near future!

  1. Hi JJ Team.
    I installed the Jib Jab Jr Storybook app on my iPad 1, but the application immediately quits when I launch it (the startup screen appears just for 1sec, then it quits)
    I tried to reboot the device, and I cleaned up the memory, but nothing works…
    Who could help me, I really want to see this new great animated book !

  2. Thanks a lot, but my iPad already seems to be up-to-date (I have the 4.3.5 version)
    Do you know where my problem could come from ?

  3. I suppose you do custom work? I’m the Marketing Director at a multi-national B2B and B2C organization and would like to talk to someone about custom applications.

    • Hi Gery, We actually aren’t a work for hire/ agency type shop, but we occasionally partner with brands should the timing and opportunity mesh. Send along your idea to laura (at) jibjab (dot) net. Thanks!

  4. I was so excited to see your fun books! I have been a JibJab fan for a long time, and I can’t wait to use JibJab Jr. as a teaching tool for struggling readers. I know it’ll make reading more fun and I see your books being great motivators. You guys are brilliant! Keep em coming!

  5. I purchased a few books for my daughter and she loves them, but we were using my husband’s work iPad and his iTunes account and now I want to transfer the books we bought to our personal iPad. How do I do this?

    • Hi Jennifer – Yes, just log in to the JibJab Jr. Books app with the same Apple ID/Password you used to buy the books and then you can install the books on the second iPad. If you have anymore questions please email us at Thanks!

  6. Last month I unsubscribed to JibJab Jr. book of the month and verified it in iTunes. It stated that my subscription “expired on January 6, 2012.” I ended up buying the January book as it was already in “my books” but figured I was DONE with my subscription. Now today February’s book is there again and another $3.99 deducted from my iTunes account. I checked again today and it say it’s “expired” so I should be “unsubscribed!!” What is the problem here and why does the monthly book keep showing up in “My Books” as opposed to just in the “Bookstore” where I can just sample it. Please fix this issue ASAP and let me know that it had been done!!

    I am unable to login in to JibJab Jr… I have sent the above email in regards to issues I have getting unsubscribed to the monthly book. The email said to log-in to review the status of my request and any additional comments and I am unable to do so. It won’t accept any of my passwords and won’t allow me to set up another account. When I requested help with my password this is the response: This user has already been verified

    If you lost your password, please contact

    If you can’t find a mail from us within a couple of minutes, please check your junk/spam folder.

    I have waited a day and have not received an email with password assistance. HELP!!!!!

    • Hi Pam – Apologies for your difficulty, we believe we spoke with you earlier – are you still having issues? Your password is connected to your Apple ID – please use that login information. Email us at if you are still having trouble. Thanks!

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