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JIBJAB: LAB v2 – Innovation at Its Finest!

Back in May, we participated in a 2-day intensive creativity and innovation fest we call the JIBJAB:LAB! It was wild to see the range of skills we had and what we were able to accomplish over just a few days.

It turned out to be one of the most inspiring (and FUN!) couple days in the company’s nearly 12 year history…so why not do it again? Last week the executive team gave us two more days to find something we’re passionate about and build something small (or big), tangible and excellent!

Taking ourselves out of our comfort zones and day-to-day work, we created browser games, personalized iPad games, new methods for presenting data, paintings, illustrations, music, music videos, and animations! Cullie reupholstered and painted a chair, while Amy, who practices magic in her spare time, put on a show at the Venice Boardwalk (she made $3!).

Francisco, Mike and Kevin meshing the two sides of our business, art and technology, worked on animitronic puppet that actually works:

Nate took a really awesome illustration done by Ashlyn and made a maquette out of it:

Josh even built a scale model of the great harbor of Carthage. Don’t know what that is? No worries, not many of us did either, but Josh explained it all!

Each of us discovered a ton of new skills, challenged ourselves, and let innovation flow. It was another successful JIBJAB: LAB!

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