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Need A Halloween Costume Idea?

With Halloween quickly approaching many of us have found ourselves scrambling to find the perfect costume. Whether you go old school as a ghost or something topical like Charlie Sheen, thinking of something to impress fellow trick-or-treaters is sometimes a terrifying haunt. If you find yourself in a fright, here are a few ideas from JibJab that we have used in various videos shoots. See if any speak to the ghoul within!


3 responses to “Need A Halloween Costume Idea?”

  1. Hi,

    Greetings from the green mountain state where it is already Snowing! Uggg! Listen, I program 1071 Frank-fm (W.O.R.K.), in Vermont’s State Capitol. We’ve used Jib Jab quite alot over the past couple of years….even getting a couple mentions in your blogs. When we use Jib Jab we talk about it on the air and post it to our social networking sites.

    You gave us a free membership to the site a couple of years ago because we were driving people to your site quite regularly. That membership has run out and while we wish we could pay for a membership our budgets for promotions and things like this never seem to go far enough.

    We would be willing to continue to upon using something push our audience to your site via the airwaves, social networks and our website

    please let me know


    TJ Michaels

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