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Halfway Through Movember!

Our Movemeber men are looking quite dashing mid-way through Movember.  Their mustaches have grown and so has the support for men’s cancer research and education!  These guys are serious about awareness:

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5 responses to “Halfway Through Movember!”

  1. Please create a political jibjab masterpiece: Newt Gingrich, whose ringtone is the “Dancing Queen” as Marie Antoinette, the beheaded French queen who is famous for denouncing those common people fighting the French Revolution, and saying, “Let Them Eat Cake.” Newt’s nasty comments about the Occupy Wall Street Movement, telling them to “take a bath” is an exact replay of Marie’s arrogance. And we all know her fate.

  2. I wish there was one that I could use for our work Christmas party as a surprise. Like a singing story for a large amount of people. This would be great for the party and alot of fun.

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