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Inside JibJab: Production Meeting

JibJab’s hilarious eCards and enchanting children’s books take a lot of thought, time and planning. Not only do we have brainstorming meetings, draw storyboards and research for inspiration, we also have a weekly production meeting to keep the team up to speed on what is going on. We share breakfast, motivation and a few laughs. Our production team is so creative that even our agendas are decorated with cartoons and jokes. Check out the outline from last week.

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9 responses to “Inside JibJab: Production Meeting”

  1. I am not sure I am writing in the right place but I hope people @ JibJab will get my message.
    I think it will be great if you create a dance for a mom/ grandma/dad/granddad and 1-2-3-4-5 kids! We’d love it!

  2. I cannot find last year’s dancing gnome, is it still avalable!
    All my friends loved it, I ‘d like to make some more for my new friend. reply ASAP please

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