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What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Now that we’ve said “2011, Buh-Bye!

…we wanted to get a glimpse of some the goals and resolutions for 2012 from the JibJab team! Check them out then let us know what you resolve to do this year in the comments below!

Glennie: Eat more kale and use all my Groupons.

Ashlyn: Document what clothes I wear every couple of days in a drawing blog…and marry George Clooney.

Andy: Stay focused.

Corey: Be grateful.

Chris: Make more delicious beer and get my co-workers drunk on it.

Mark: I resolve to eat resonantly vegan with heavy on the anti-oxidants.

Trish: I work near the beach… I should probably endeavor to put a foot in the ocean this year. That’s my resolution. Put a foot in the Pacific Ocean.

My Anti-New-Year’s-Resolution Resolutions are as follows:
1) Improve my level of physical activity from the current 1 to a hard 6 on a standard 10-scale system
2) Continue my exploration of this city while meeting new people as I enter my first full year in LA
3) Improve the frequency of use of my left brain via art, music, photography, and other creative outlets
4) Not allow my dog to break her leg for a third year in a row by keeping her by my side at all times

Laura & Nicole: Kangoo jumping and Zumba dance classes at 220 Fitness.

Catherine: To find the positive in every situation.

Francisco: Sweat more

Alexandra: I resolve to explore more of LA.

Amy: This year I want to join a drum circle/learn conga drums and just about any type of hand drum.

Jeff G: I’m determined to go apple picking this year. THOSE MALUS DOMESTICA ARE GONNA PAY!!!

Liz: Create, facilitate, innovate.

Evan: I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because it’s a sure fire way NOT to accomplish the thing you set out to do.  I make plain, old, non-New Year’s resolutions throughout the year then I find I’m able to stick with them.

Scott: I resolve to stop stressing about the end of the world, which should be really easy after December 21.

Robbie: I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I think they’re silly, people don’t stick with them. Any changes in my life tend to happen organically throughout the  year.

1) To make more puppets and update my blog more
2)  To go for a run 5 days a week

Share YOURS below in the comments!

10 responses to “What are your New Year’s resolutions?”

  1. I made a resolution many years ago and it has served me faithfully for all this time. The resolution was to never break or make another resolution..

  2. Hi there Jib-jab,

    All the best for 2012 and congratulations for the perfect job you do in here … I remember back in 2003/2004 (if I’m not mistaking) the first time I “Elfed” myself … so much development since that time …

    My resolution for 2012, make the JibJab team create a new “Starring You” video, here is the idea: the New Zealand team making the HAKA !!!

    Enjoy the idea, I give it for free ;0)

    Happy New Year,


    Olivier (France)

  3. Support our President to support our middle class. Make sure
    I can vote despite Republican voter suppression laws. Praise Wisconsin for reminding us what Democracy looks like.

  4. I like what Evan said. It is so hard to stick to new years resolutions. I resolve to be a better human being.

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