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Inside JibJab: Cha-Cha-Changes in the Office!

The JibJab office has been going through a bit of a 2012 makeover. The company originally was divided in four separate rooms in our building.  We wanted to feel more togetherness in one LARGE continuous room so walls needed to come down, desks needed to be moved and spring-cleaning started early. Check out the photos below of some before, during and after demolition photos.

We let the team get artsy on some walls before we tore them down.

We broke down some walls…

Then we broke down some more…

We now have one large creative workspace with the team together!

And though we sit so close to one another we still use instant messenger.

What do you think of our new space? We really enjoy it & are continuing to create more fun, new Starring You videos, kids books for the iPad  & work on other new projects for you in the year ahead.  Stay tuned!

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