ATTENTION!! Drill Sergeant Mom

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching this Sunday we are in no shortage of fun cards to make Mom feel special on her day. In our newest Mother’s Day eCard, Drill Sergeant Mom, we see a cartoon mom singing her way through a day of keeping her house together. It is animated, but did you know we actually photograph every move our characters make to help the artists animate in a realistic way?

As an employee here it is not unusual to be asked to put on a costume to help make an eCard. Here we see our Director of Production, Corey, dressed as the Drill Sergeant Mom and one of our animators, Nate, as the child.

Now check out the cartoon storyboard below. Can you see art imitating life?

Have you sent your Mom a card yet? Create Drill Sergeant Mom today & we will deliver it to her on the 13th!

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