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Party Your Arrr’s Off

Pirates seem to be the summer theme at JibJab. Not only do we call our office a Pirate Ship, but our new Birthday card this week features pirates celebrating in Party Your Arrr’s Off. The artist behind this eCard, Eddie, had a great time preparing for it by drinking rum, watching pirate movies and scouring the beaches. He drew a lot of inspiration from his girlfriend’s style of art, check out her unique cartoons at Watch the animatic done by another one of our buccaneers, Nate, to see the beginning stages of this swashbuckeling eCard.

Eddie has been a member of the JibJab team for just about a year. He started as an intern here last summer after picking up some serious animation skills at Sheridan College. His favorite artists include Seth Engstrom, Peter De Seve, Nicolas Marlet and Sylvain Marc. He’s teaching himself how to play piano and his favorite book is still Dinotopia, a story about a father and son who discover an island inhabited by people and dinosaurs living together. See more of his work at


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