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Our Hero Dad

Father’s Day is Sunday and we have a great new eCard to send – Our Hero Dad! To learn more about the creative process behind this card, we spoke to Jeff, our Director of eCards.

-Did you have any direction in drawing the animatic of Our Hero Dad? Or as you listened to the song did it just come to you? 

           After hearing the track that Scott wrote, the first thing that came to mind was the old Monty Python song about being a lumberjack. I used to love that song as a kid, so I thought this would be a great homage of sorts.

-Did you pull any inspiration from a family member?

          My Dad has always been somewhat heroic in my eyes, whether providing homes to rescued animals or helping his stranded son during a cross-country trip. Most of the gags are jokes based on other stereotypical fathers (my Dad actually works wonders when behind a grill) but when it comes to being there in a pinch, my Dad’s da man!

-Are you planning on sending it to your Dad?

         Heck YEAH I am! Our Starring You cards are always 10x funnier when you put faces of people you know in ’em, so I’ll be sending this card to my whole family!

Watch the animatic below to see the first stages of Our Hero Dad.

Jeff laid this ground work then Alex and Romney illustrated. While 2 of our other artists, Jeff and Nate then took over to provide their animation skills. It was a team effort to create this awesome tribute to Dad – make one for your Dad today! 

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