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New eCard – Hungry Beaver!

With the arrival of our newest birthday eCard, Hungry Beaver, we decided to pick the brain of the artist Ken Turner. Though this card is short and sweet, it sure takes a bite out of birthdays!

1) Where did you get the idea?

Well the idea and execution was all there in the story reel animatic.  I tried to add my own spin on the design of the beaver.  I gave him bigger eyes and teeth.  After he’s done and he’s plopped down all fat and satisfied, I animated him rubbing his tummy and flapping his tail which was wasn’t in the original reel.

2) Have you ever seen a beaver in the wild? If so, where?

One day in the woods, I came upon one.  He was small and very furry.  He quietly came over and then stood on his hind legs.  He then whispered into my ear, “Welcome to Narnia”.  (Well I’m kidding of course!)  No, I can’t say I have.  You’d think living in Canada you would surely see one, while camping or what not, but I haven’t.   Probably the only time I’ve seen one swimming about would be at a zoo as a kid.

So check out more of Ken Turner’s art here: and then watch his new animated series “The World of Snowboy & Crow,” which can be seen at:

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