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Biking to Work

We recently took a poll in the JibJab office of how many people walk or ride their bikes to work. We found out we have quite a high number of employees whose commute is man powered! While LA is famous for horrible commute times, traffic jams, and high gas prices, most of our office saves money and gets a little fresh air & exercise before each day in front of the computer. Take a look below to see how far we commute every day!

-Jeremy walks 1 mile.
-Dana walks 4 miles.
-Lauren walks 4 miles.
-Jason walks 1 mile.
-Jacob walks 1 mile.
-Ashlyn walks 1 mile.
-Mike walks .4 miles.

Bike Riders
-Kurt bikes 6 miles.
-Robbie bikes 35 miles – just over an hour on bike each way!
-Grace bikes 1.6 miles.
-Dan rides or walks his bike 0.6 miles.
-Glennie bikes 2 miles.
-Eddie bikes 2 miles.

How do you get to work? Leave a comment below. And while you are at work, did you know we have an entire section of eCard fun to send to the office?

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3 responses to “Biking to Work”

  1. Hey neighbors –

    We have quite a few cyclists/walkers too! Our team loves the weather and living locally in Santa Monica and Venice too 🙂


    Jackie and the Mogreet team

  2. Ever since we got back from a trip to Europe this summer, I’ve tried to either bike or walk wherever I can instead of taking the car. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, but something about being in a place for a few weeks where the automobile is completely irrelevant is highly motivational. I only wish I could make it a regular practice to bike to work from Venice to Hollywood. Unfortunately the road surface is so awful on Venice blvd and some of the smaller side streets, it makes for a very uncomfortable ride. So for now, I’ll have to confine riding to errands on the Westside. Every little bit helps.

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