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New Birthday eCard – Gettin’ Piggy With It

No birthday party is complete without dancing! In our new eCard, Gettin’ Piggy With It, we see that even pigs know how to get down. We talked more with the animator, Chris O’Hara, to find out more about his inspiration and favorite pop culture pig.

  • Where do you call home?

Home right now is Dublin, Ireland. I’m originally from a smaller town called Longford but have been living in Dublin for more than 8 years now.

  • How long have you been animating? And how long did this card take to make?

I graduated from college about 4 years ago and I’ve been animating professionally since then. The card was completed in my spare time over about 3 weeks.

  • Where did you pull inspiration?

Luckily there’s a break-dancing pig 2 doors down from me so I was able to get inspiration and video reference from him for the card (fart and all)!

  • Favorite pop culture pig? And Why?

A) Miss Piggy   B) Babe the pig    C) Porky Pig    D) Wilbur    E) Piglet

Favorite pig would have to be Babe. I love that film and that pig is an amazing actor!

So send this fun new eCard and check out more of Chris’ work at his blog or check out his short film that is currently on the festival circuit here:

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