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Fancy Friday

Most offices have casual Friday where folks are encouraged to cut loose, let their hair down and throw on a pair of jeans. Well at JibJab we do that every day, so last Friday we decided to take things in the opposite direction and get fancy! The 2nd annual Formal Friday followed suit from last year when guys and dolls dressed in their best to impress. This year, we really heated things up with tuxedo shirts, floor length gowns and three piece suits. Check out our good looking crew below.

Funny Faces!
We are so hot!
The Bros…
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2 responses to “Fancy Friday”

  1. Where is the campaining sataire video? And please do not hold back on Obama. Making fun of Bush and Clinton is still fun even if you like one or both and when you take the office the satiare comes with the job. At least in this country.

    • Hi Rhett – Thanks for thinking of us! While we will not be producing one of our usual election video satires this year, we have decided to release a fun little election-themed web app in October. If you would like to learn more about why we made the decision not to produce a video, click here:

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