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New eCard – Fun House Mirrors!

Why a mirror that morphs your body is called fun is beyond us, but in our newest birthday eCard, Fun House Mirrors, we see one birthday lady that will let nothing stand in her way of a good birthday. This week’s new birthday eCard comes from the super talented Cheyenne Curtis. She brings some girl power to the table and we were lucky enough to find out a little about her.

-Have you ever looked at yourself in a fun house mirror?

I’ve only installed fun house style mirrors in my house…the kind that always make you look beautiful.

-Has anything ever ruined your birthday?

I’m actually notorious for having bad birthdays. One year I was late for my own party because I was trying to catch a lost dog, then when I finally showed up at the restaurant there was no space for me to sit, and everyone had already sung Happy Birthday to the other guy (it was a double birthday). The evening also ended with me being dumped by this guy. Another time I had to get small surgery on my birthday…one day I’ll have a decent birthday.

-Where do you currently reside?

I travel back and forth from Los Angeles to Montreal.

-Where did you go to school and when did you graduate?

I went to Sheridan College and got my BA in Animation. I graduated in 2011.

-How long did this card take to animate? And did you come up with the concept?

The card took about two weeks in total, from design to final animation. I received an animatic with the concept of this girl going to a fun house and losing control of her emotions, and I filled in the final designs, color and animation. I also worked with Jeff Gill, who did a great job directing me on this awesome card!

So send this eCard today to that special birthday someone to help them make sure nothing gets in the way of a good birthday!

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