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New eCard – Bonne Fete

Birthdays come in all different languages. This eCard though helps that special birthday someone learn a few choice words in French, the most important of those being cake. We got to talk to in house artist, Alex, to find out a little more about the beret behind the brush.

-Have you ever been to France?

I have been to France once. I stayed in Annecy and Paris. It was smelly and beautiful. I will retire there one day to sell watercolors I paint of mimes.

-How versed are you in French?

Je parle très bien le français fromage bibliothèque toilette.

-Did you come up with the concept for this eCard? And how long did it take to animate?

This eCard is based on a true story. Ashlyn came up with the animatic and concept. I took a few days to design the look of the card and paint all the characters, then a couple of weeks to animate everything.

-What is your favorite kind of cake?

My favorite type of cake is the Napoleon cake, also known in France as the mille-feuille.

To check out more of Alex’s work here: And send this eCard today to that someone well versed in birthday!

2 responses to “New eCard – Bonne Fete”

  1. You gave me one free. how about it again. i don’t beleave on doing business on credit card etc. its sush a small fee you should do it for nothing. at least see how i like it. thank you very much. hope to hear your reply.

    • Hi Violet – We have a free eCard in most categories in the upper left hand corner of the page. They are marked with a banner that says free. Thanks for writing!

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