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Evan and Gregg speaking at Silicon Beach @ USC!

Evan and Gregg (brothers & co-founders of JibJab) will be giving a keynote speech this afternoon at the Silicon Beach Conference @ USC! They will share their insights on technology, entrepreneurism, and introduce our new brand for kids and parents, StoryBots. Their speech is titled “13 Years in The Dumbest Business in the World, and Still Going.” Students & industry peers will learn more about how they built the JibJab brand & what’s next for the company!

To learn more about the conference & Silicon Beach click here. Let us know if you are attending the conference – we’d love to see you there!


3 responses to “Evan and Gregg speaking at Silicon Beach @ USC!”

      • Yes I got the email and the refund.. I was just concerned why that had happen. Never had a problem with the free cards and movies. Every time it told me to join and when I went to access my account it said email already used and could not use.


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