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Behind the Scenes: The Time Warp – Meet the Actors!

After attending one of the midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show™ here in Los Angeles we knew that we had to make The Time Warp into an eCard this Halloween. We asked the actors of the show to come into our studio to film and they were thrilled. They even had their own hand made costumes that were almost IDENTICAL to the movie. Check out some of the behind the scenes shots:

Bring your knees in tight!
Our director Jeff getting creative with shooting smoothly.
Cast and crew

Do The Time Warp today; it’s guaranteed to drive you insane!

2 responses to “Behind the Scenes: The Time Warp – Meet the Actors!”

  1. I came here to see a cool mocking satire of the presidents. Nothing. You website has become LAME. Too difficult to navigate. Nothing funny anymore. YOU SUCK!!! I hope you crash and burn because you got away from what made you famous.

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