New eCard – Sign Spinner Birthday

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Have you ever seen a person flipping and spinning signs advertising things like ‘We Buy Gold’ or ‘$5 Pizza’ on busy street corners? In our new birthday eCard, Sign Spinner Birthday, the spin artist let’s everyone know it’s their birthday! We got to talk with SurfMonkey a bit about filming this new Starring You eCard.

1) Where did you shoot?

We shot in Commerce, CA.

2) How did you find the perfect sign spinner?

We went through an agency called AArrow Ads. We told them what we were looking for and they gave us a few options. Much easier than a regular casting session!

3) What did the actual sign say that he was spinning?

Aarrowads actually made all of the signs to the exact specifications that we wanted for the video!

4) How did you pick the music?

The music just fit so well for the card. It made sense for the quick spot, a lot of energy in not much time!

5) How long did this take to shoot?

We shot about five cards in one day with ONE sign spinner. He was a trooper!

Start spinning today and let that birthday person advertise it’s their birthday.


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