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New eCard-A Little Birdie Told Me

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In our newest eCard, A Little Birdie Told Me, we see what happens when one little bird gets a little too excited about a birthday. We spoke more with the director of eCards, Jeff, to find out about the artist and idea behind the card.

1) How did you come up with the concept for A Little Birdie Told Me?

This was an idea that was pitched by our writer Scott. I loved the idea of a card that used minimal SFX to help set the tone of the environment

2) What kind of drink do you imagine the man is drinking in the video?

Long Island Ice Tea.

3) Have you ever cooked anything on a rotisserie?

Haha, no! But now that you mention it, I should definitely add that to my list of things to do!

4) How do you feel about celebrating birthdays? Do you celebrate birth week or treat it as another day?

I know some people prefer to have other folks surprise them on their birthday with plans of things to do, but I personally like doing my own thing to make sure I spend the day doing exactly what I want. Sometimes it’s as simple as walking barefoot in the park, other times it’s a monthlong trip to Europe… guess it just depends on the year!

Say happy birthday to that special someone today and just blame it on the birds.

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