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New eCard – Smiling Streaker

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In our newest eCard, Smiling Streaker, you can say Happy Birthday to that special someone and help to put a smile on their face, or wherever. We got to talk more with the animator, Marty Cooper, about this naughty eCard.

What kind of shoes do you imagine the streaker is wearing?

-This streaker is wearing a fly pair of baby blue hightop converse all-stars for optimal maneuverability when fleeing the scene.

Have you ever been streaking?

– I have never streaked myself. I worry about dogs chasing after me and biting my sensitive areas.

Have you ever seen a streaker out in the wild?

-I cannot remember ever seeing a streaker in the wild. I think they are pretty rare these days with all the tasers and pepper spray. I think it should be encouraged not enforced, sporting events would be much more exciting!

How long did this card take to animate?

– In total approximately 3 weeks. 1 week for designing the backgrounds and characters, 1 week of animation, and another week for tweaking the timing and finalizing it. It was hoot!! I hope the card puts a smile on your face… or wherever. Thanks JIBJAB!! I am going to go streak now.

Send this eCard to that frisky birthday someone today!

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