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New eCard – Classical Birthday

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In our newest eCard, Classical Birthday, you can help sing a sweet melody to that birthday someone who is getting OLD. Help remind them that getting old stinks and is a pain (in the back, knee and neck). We got to sit down with, Nate, an in house artist to find out a little about his fears of getting older.

1. How long did this card take to animate?

The card took about a week and a half to animate in Flash.  I was working from an animatic by the incredible Sean Rhodes, and with all the funny/strange bodily things happening I figured it would be better to go the hand-drawn route over animating in After Effects.  Drawing a dragging, bouncing butt is officially the strangest thing I’ve ever spent an entire day doing.

2. What is your biggest fear of growing older?

When I was a teenager I was terrified of going bald, but my dad and both grandfathers still have all their hair, so I’m probably doomed to be shaggy haired forever.

3.  How old are you? Have you noticed any signs of aging in yourself yet?

I turned 31 last year (that was painful to write), and so far the biggest thing I’ve noticed is I need a lot more sleep.  I used to be vehemently against naps, now I’m an addict.  Also I’m not as good at pulling all-nighters as I used to be, but thankfully that’s nothing a few cups of coffee won’t fix.

4.  Which is your favorite getting old stereotype? (mine is the driving slow, since I already do that)

The crankiness that you can get away with when you get older is pretty awesome.  I secretly can’t wait until I become elderly just so I can say anything I want and not get called on it.

Send this eCard today to that someone who is yet another year older and creakier.

One response to “New eCard – Classical Birthday”

  1. Very interesting concept of almost universal aches and pains of mankind.

    Now I have a question… When will you produce man and man as a duo. I’m wanting to CAST two POLITICIANS, for instance, dancing with each other… Same request for Female duo’s.
    How about it?

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