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New eCard – Hall of Beards


In our new Starring You birthday eCard, Hall of Beards, you can let that birthday someone know that THEY are the real piece of art on their birthday. To find out more about the many beards featured in this eCard, we spoke with the animator, Jeff Delgado.

1) Did you have anyone particular  in mind when designing the portraits of bearded men?

I did a lot of research for hilarious and ridiculous beard shapes on the internet and in books. Some of them were inspired by men that compete in the World Beard and Mustache Championships while others were completely made up by me.

2) Do you have a beard?

I sadly do not have a beard. I’ve tried to grow one in the past but chickened out and shaved it off! Someday…someday.

3) What is your favorite type of beard?

Mutton chops that connect to a mustache leaving the chin exposed has to be one of my favorite beard styles. Only an extremely manly man can pull that look off.


4) What are your thoughts on having a beard but no mustache?

That look got Daniel Day-Lewis an Oscar and President Lincoln on the five dollar bill. Clearly, there is some magic associated with that style of beard.

5) How long did this card take to animate?

There was so much painting to complete for this eCard. Not only did I have to paint each bearded fellow but I also had to design the gallery background. It took about two weeks of nonstop work on my part.

Give your friend a beard of frosting for their birthday with this eCard!

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