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New eCard – Cocktail Time

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What do you get when you mix fun, good times and laughs? A birthday with a kick! Our newest eCard, Cocktail Time, features one bar tender who knows how to mix up a good time.  We spoke with Rob Bryson to find out a little more about the man behind the bar, er, eCard.

Have you ever worked as a bartender?

Actually I have and it can be a very fun job. As soon as I got into animation I had to stop serving drinks and start consuming more of them. That is a joke…I still serve them.

Do you have a favorite drink?

I enjoy a cider from time to time, I think my favorite right now is blackthorn. 

How about a favorite watering hole? (Anywhere in the world)

I did go to this great little bar or the rooftop patio of a pizzeria right next to the Colosseum in Rome about 5 years ago. That city has to be my favorite place in the world(so far) because every inch of it is so rich with history. Hopefully one day I will be able to go back.

Looking to serve up a smile on someone’s birthday? Send Cocktail Time today!

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