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New eCard – Candle Brightness

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In our newest eCard, Candle Brightness, you can let that special birthday someone know that every new candle on their cake just adds brightness to their birthday. We got to talk a little with Taylor Annisette, the artist behind the eCard.

-How did you animate this eCard? The texture is so cool.

I animated it using a combination of Photoshop, Flash, and After Effects. Photoshop has a lot of great brushes that create some really neat textures! Also magic. I used a bit of that.

-What kind of cake do you imagine that is?

I’m imagining that it’s a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing, and almost definitely made by a grandmother. Possibly a Great Aunt.

– How many candles is too many on a cake?

There’s never too many candles; there can only be too little cake.

– How did you celebrate your last birthday?

My friends put me in a box and painted me yellow so I looked like Spongebob, and then we sang “Take on Me” by A-ha at karaoke. Thankfully, there has been no photographic evidence posted. Yet.

A friend feeling that another year older will make them dim? Then send, Candle Brightness, today to wish them a bright burning birthday.

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