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New eCard – Revolves Around You

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Do you have someone in your life who loves to be the center of attention? Well on their birthday you can let them know — hey, everything really does Revolve Around You! We sat down with Eddie, to find out his views on space and a little bit more about the man on the moon … er, monitor.

1) How did the idea for this eCard come to you?

I was brainstorming ideas for putting the starring you head into different things and the funniest thing i could think of was to put the head in the sun and have it slowly drift into frame. The pun “revolves around you” came afterwards to help sell the initial idea.

2) Do you think there are other life forms beyond Earth, and would they celebrate birthdays?

Sure I think there are other life forms, but to celebrate a birthday you need the sun to signify a day and to count the years since your birth.  In space it is possible for a day to last a hundred years or a hundred seconds, maybe other lifeforms celebrate birth-minutes or birth-millenniums.

3) Would you ever want to celebrate a birthday in outer space?

Space seems pretty uncomfortable, maybe if in the future space travel was a little more cozy I would celebrate a birthday there.

4) If you were a planet, which would you be?

I would be mercury, because I like being close to the center of attention, but not carrying the conversation all on my own.

To let that birthday someone know the day (and universe) revolves around them, send Revolves Around You today!!

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