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New eCard – Morning After Turtle

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Birthdays are a time for celebration! But, perhaps most importantly, they are a time to make bad decisions that will haunt you the next morning. We’ve all been there – where a night of birthday debauchery leaves you waking up with a hangover and some serious ‘splaining to do.

With that in mind, make sure your friends don’t over do it with our brand new Birthday eCard, Morning After TurtleIan Abando, illustrator and animator, told us what the “shell” he’s all about.

1. What’s the inspiration behind this hilarious eCard?

I think YOLO [“You Only Live Once”] is a suitable answer.

2. Have you ever woken up regretting a decision made the night before?

Maybe a little buyer’s remorse here and there. You have to stay up pretty late to win bids on eBay.

3. We’ve always thought that you get immunity to do any crazy thing on your birthday. Would you agree?

I would agree, but any photos taken the “morning after” would fall outside of that immunity.

4. In terms of the “Animal Kingdom,” what would the ultimate party animal be?

Probably an octopus or something like that. They have the most arms and would have the craziest drinking games.

5. Is it true that if you don’t remember doing something, it didn’t happen?

It won’t hold up in court, but I would say it’s true.

Check out more of Ian’s art and send Morning After Turtle to that birthday party animal today!

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