8 Ways to Treat Yourself on Your Birthday

To celebrate JibJab’s latest birthday eCard, Treat Yourself, we present some inspiration for how you can pamper yourself on your special day.

1) Sleep in just a little bit later than usual.

2) Pet the animal of your choice.

3) Order your favorite meal from your favorite place. Then, order it again.

4) Artist of this card, Megan, says that cake is a crucial component of her special day, of course.

5) Have a dance party with your besties.

6) Make it a movie night.

7) Tweet to your favorite celeb asking for a RT.

8) Send yourself the Treat Yourself eCard — you deserve it!

Know a special someone with an upcoming birthday? Send them Treat Yourself and remind them to get what they really want!

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  1. Stiles McHale
    Posted July 30, 2013 at 11:43 pm | Permalink

    I WILL DO ALL OF THESE THINGS, including lapping wine from a wine glass. ‘Cause I’m classy.

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