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New eCard – Bicycle Birthday

Bike Birthday

In our newest eCard, Bicycle Birthday, encourage your birthday boy or girl to keep rollin’, no matter how they do it. We’d like to wish a happy birthday to these celebrities who have kept it rollin’ throughout the years.

Yvette Nicole Brown, 42 today, rolled right outta Cleveland and into television, starring in shows like Drake & Josh and most recently Community.

French President Francois Hollande has kept himself, his country, and the Tour de France rollin’ for many a year. Joyeux anniversaire!

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 9.25.56 AM
Deimos, one of Mars’ moons, was discovered today in 1877 by Asaph Hall, and has kept rolling (well, orbiting technically) around Mars ever since. I feel like there’s a song about this…

Know a birthday boy or girl who’s kept it rollin’? Send them the Bicycle Birthday eCard!

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