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New eCard – Purrfect Birthday

Let’s be honest. The Internet would be far less enjoyable without cats. But what if you could bring the fuzzy creatures out of the screen and into your lap? You can get a little closer to realizing this dream with our latest Starring You eCard, Purrfect Birthday! We spoke to the creator of this purrfect card, Megan, about the Internet and cats.

1) Where did the idea for this card come from?
I like the internet – the internet has a lot of cats – WHAT IF WE COULD DOWNLOAD THE CATS!? And hey presto!

2) What would be your perfect birthday?
A surprise visit from all my friends back home in Australia! Plus a surprise giant vegan birthday cake made into the shape of a giant vegan whale! My birthday is coming up, so fingers crossed.

3) What would you do with a bunch of digital cats?
I would email them to my friends who needed cheering up.

4) In today’s day of extreme hoarders, do you think we need to worry about people hoarding digital cats?
It really does seem to be the way we are headed. Could be a great new reality show?

That’s a reality show I could get behind! Remember to make birthdays purrfect by sending Purrfect Birthday!

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