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New Thanksgiving eCards!

Thanksgiving will soon be here, and we have two new eCards to kick off the season — Cook A Turkey and Biker Thanksgiving!

We’ve all had that first-time-cooking-a-turkey moment. Hopefully yours went better than it did in our new eCard, Cook A Turkey! Send this card starring the chef of your Thanksgiving dinner to show them what not to do.

Remember that the most important part of Thanksgiving is being around friends and family, so make sure to spend it with those people at your favorite spot — even if that’s the roughest bar in town. You might even learn a surprising new fact about someone at the table! Check out this biker’s secret in Biker Thanksgiving.

And it wouldn’t be a week at JibJab without a new birthday card! Birthday Joker is for the real joker in your life — the one willing to do anything for a laugh.

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