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New eCard – You Rock


We’ve just released a brand new eCard for the birthday boy/girl who rocks, called You Rock! This extra special card also comes in his and hers versions. To find out more about its creation, check out this interview with the rockin’ artist of this card, Ashlyn!

1. What was your inspiration for creating this card?
My inspiration started with a terrible pun, like most things that I make. I like it when you remove commas from sentences, and you’re left with things like “You rock!”, accusing someone of being a rock. Or, alternatively, accusing them of being Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. After that, I settled on a rough, sketchy style, because I love working with that sort of energy.

2. Have you ever done sculpting yourself? If so, was it as easy as this little guy makes it look?
I’ve never sculpted anything in marble, but I can only assume it’s very very easy. I mean, there are like, piles of them in Rome so… Must be a snap. That being said, once, I tripped over a rock and chipped it. Modern art.

3. What was the best birthday you ever had?
My very favourite birthday was my 14th. A friend got me a twenty dollar bill taped to a potato, and nothing’s ever really topped it gift-wise.

Don’t forget to tell your best birthday sculpter that they rock with You Rock!

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