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Celebrate a JibJab holiday tradition with chart-topping app, Elf Dance!


Adding to our extensive collection of elf madness, we’ve just released a new Elf Dance Starring You video! Cast 1-5 friends as Santa’s helpers, groovin’ away at the North Pole.

For the first time in JibJab history, we’ve made this video available as an app, for free! Create and send elf videos on the go — doing so guarantees your place on the nice list.

Elf Dance home screen

What’s more, the Elf Dance app has become a smash hit of the holiday season, featured as a top rated free app in the App Store!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 1.56.50 PM

Check out the video here, and download the free app on the App Store. Celebrate the most elf-tastic season of the year with the hottest dance moves this side of the North Pole!

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