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Cast your friends doing the Macareindeer + new birthday eCard!


Add some Latin flair into your holiday season! Check out JibJab’s take on a classic song, turning the macarena into the Macareindeer. It’s a holiday dance sensation sweeping the nation!

In fact, the entire cast of Good Morning America recently got in on the craze, featuring Macareindeer during their show! Who knew they had such good moves?

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.41.38 AM

Start doing the macareindeer today, or send any JibJab holiday card to celebrate the season.

Don’t forget that it’s new birthday eCard day, and we’ve got a great one for the big softy in your life. Our newest eCard, Tattoo Birthday, created by the talented Robert Lobel, shows that puns are loved by everyone, but this biker in particular takes his commitment to puns to the next level — getting them tattooed!

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