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Rapping Leprechauns & The Bustin’ O’ The Rhymes


What better way to celebrate the luck of the Irish than with tiny rapping leprechauns? Check out the latest in the St. Patrick’s Day lineup of JibJab eCards — Leprechaun Rap!

Cast five leprechauns in this Irish hip-hop number and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the bustin’ o’ the rhymes. It’s the perfect tribute to the Irish tradition, but be sure to keep your hands away from their pots of gold!

Do a river-break-dance with your mischievous crew and send Leprechaun Rap today!

Also check out the St. Pat’s Hats dance to cast your favorite leprechaun sharing a little St. Paddy’s Day spirit, and I am a unicorn for that one friend who always takes St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to the limit.


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