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The Making of “Leprechaun Rap”!

Rappers and leprechauns have a lot in common: they both love gold, wear crazy hats, and want a lotta green.

That’s why this St. Patrick’s Day, JibJab unleashed a brand new Starring You® Video featuring the best rhymin’ leprechauns from here to Killarney in Leprechaun Rap.  We checked in with our amazing artists to see how this St. Paddy’s Day Smash came together.

“We learned a lot about completing CG e-cards from Santa’s Twerk Shop that we were able to apply to Leprechaun Rap,” designer Taylor Clutter explains. “We wanted Leprechaun Rap to fully engage the sense that these were some crazy rock stars. Great detail went into the bling prop modeling to make these guys sparkle. For animation we just wanted them to be poppy and fun.

“It’s kind of ridiculous seeing your family and friends dancing around as CG Leprechauns, and we wanted the animation to reflect that.” No kidding.

Taylor and the gang let it all hang out, and even danced to give frames of reference for the characters:


I think we’ve found our new Lords of the Dance!

Here’s a look at the early storyboards for Leprechaun Rap as well:


The team even took pain-staking detail when it came to the bottles the leprechauns are holding:


Celt 45? I mean, we can’t even…

We hope you remembered to wear your green today, and most importantly — be sure to make and send Leprechaun Rap to your favorite lads and lasses on this special day ‘o days. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you!



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