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Birthday Wishes? There’s an App for That.

Ain’t technology grand

We all sometimes pine for the “olden days” when things were simpler, but the honest truth is that we didn’t have grumpy cat memes back then. And that, my friends, is a world in which we don’t want to live.

Take this, for example. Who would have thought that there’d be a robot that could do calligraphy?



Just your typical, tortured robot artist, we presume.

Or, perhaps you’d prefer a 3D printing pen! That’s three dimensions, for those of you counting.


Perhaps most impressive of all is the new JibJab Birthday eCard: App-y Birthday! Technology has made it as such that you can send an entire party in a fifteen-second card. Genius? Perhaps. Revolutionary? Probably, but we don’t want to brag because we’re way humble like that. Amazing? We’re just doing our job. 

Check it out, and send it to a birthday friend who is the “Apple” of your eye today.






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