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Last week’s new releases! So much fun…

Not one, but TWO new videos from team JibJab & StoryBots last week!


Thanksgiving hilarity ensues early with “The Bird’s the Word“!


And The StoryBots Number Songs series continues with “The Number 4“!

7 responses to “Last week’s new releases! So much fun…”

  1. I would like to make a jibjab video of a special needs volunteer who cannot speak, but can sing his favorite song, Elvira…do you have an Elvira video on jibjab?

  2. Can you make more musical videos and dances featuring female characters, pls? Most of them are all males.

  3. Hmmm. Where are all of the Trump Jib jabs? I see plenty making fun of Obama and Dems, what’s the deal? If anyone deserves a jab it’s Trump and his administration!

  4. What a pity I can no longer download completed videos for recording, this makes the site just about obsolete!!

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