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BEHIND THE SCENES of “Bird is the Word”!

JibJab Thanksgiving eCard this year uses the rock ‘n roll classic “Surfin’ Bird” for… “Bird is the Word“!


Check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes shenanigans with quotes from director/turkey Jeff Gill below…!

A video like “Bird’s The Word” can’t just be shot willy nilly, so Jeff shot test footage with game JibJab artist Megan McShane in the turkey role. Together they mapped out the shots that made up the actual card. (And Megan finally had a legitimate reason to run around Venice, CA flapping her arms like a turkey.)


Meanwhile, JibJabber Clinton Fanelli went full-on MacGyver to create a GoPro camera rig for some of the crazier shots in the video.

Next step was testing it out with a JibJab-style “cast yourself” head. The results were delightful!


So, with the knowledge that his vision could be achieved, it was time for Jeff to go full-turkey. “This was probably the most difficult eCard I’ve ever preformed in,” Jeff said. “Wearing the insulated turkey costume on a hot summer day in Venice, CA made me so hot that I nearly passed out.”


He says that at one point Megan and JibJab artist/cameraman Nate Swinehart “had to actually rip open air vents on the side of the outfit so that I wouldn’t overheat.”


Though he survived, he must’ve lost about five pounds in sweat. “It was like baking in an oven, but in a turkey, which is in some ways ironic.”

Despite the dehydration, Jeff says, “It was a blast getting to run around the city and get friendly catcalls of people who enjoyed seeing a giant turkey. Because who doesn’t like to see that?”

Seriously, if you haven’t seen this video, check it out, and send it to a turkey in your life for Thanksgiving!

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