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A couple o’ new JibJab eCards out in the wild!

JibJab blog fans (and if you’re reading this, you’re one for reals), we released a couple super fun eCards recently…



JibJab’s own wordsmith Scott Emmons says, “Getting older can be daunting, but as this playful eCard shows, happiness is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!” Doesn’t that sound delightful?


Of this super cool card, wordmaster Scott declares, “Everybody has a funked up day now and then, but this eCard will help a friend get their groove back in no time!” Let us know if he’s right!

4 responses to “A couple o’ new JibJab eCards out in the wild!”

  1. I love JibJab….but for a full year subscription that I planned to use lots and lots…and also renew again for next year…I find there are not many birthday card choices where you can interject the face of an African American woman?? And, it seems to be more choices for males in general, than females. Can someone on your team just take a look at the selections where you can interject photos, and see if there can be some additions to make it a bit more equitable, so everyone has a reasonable selection. JibJab is fantastic otherwise!! Thanks!!

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