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“Biker Bunny” Easter eCard Behind-the-Scenes!

02_Bunny1 02_Bunny2

For Easter this year, JibJab mastermind Jeff Gill came up with the idea to cast Easter Bunnies against type as rough and tumble bikers. He handed his animatic and vision to all-around CG guru Taylor Clutter (with some initial design assistance from Josiah Haworth). Tasked with making bunnies look tough to Judas Priest’s rocking anthem “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’,” Taylor didn’t hop away with his tail between his legs. Far from it!

JIBJAB BLOG: Was it a challenge to make pastel Easter bunnies tough biker types? It goes beyond motorcycles and leather vests, right?

TAYLOR CLUTTER: I think we mostly just tried to have fun with the contrast. My favorite thing about the idea for this card was the juxtaposition between tough bikers and colorful rabbits. Hopefully people connect with the scene of a biker gang getting into a brawl. Only, in our silly version they’re throwing eggs instead of punches. We did some work early on to add little details to their vest and surroundings. If you look closely you might find a few “Easter Eggs” hidden in the details.

JJB: Have you ever driven a motorcycle? If so, did you feel like a tough bunny? If not, do you have any interest in getting on a hog and hitting the road?

TC: The only time I’ve ever ridden a motorcycle was when I was about 5 or 6 ridding with a family friend. I ended up burning my leg on a hot pipe and got left with a scar for a few years after that. So my relationship with motorcycles had a fairly rough start but I would like to try to ride again someday. Maybe when I’m a bit older I’ll grow a beard and wear more leather and start riding.

03_Hoppers1 03_Hoppers2 03_Hoppers3

JJB: Easter having a bunny mascot and then the eggs thing — it’s weird, right? What’s your theory? Did it inform how you approached this card?

TC: I’ve always imagined the easter bunny as this magical freaky cross between a hen, an actual rabbit and a human. Something about the Easter Bunny laying her (or his, who knows) eggs in the basket right before they get dropped off is immensely funny to me. As a joke, when we were just starting animation on this card I did a test of the bunny laying an Egg and immediately throwing it. Kind of gross but still sorta funny.

Big thanks to Taylor for chatting with us! You can cast yourself and some pals as Biker Bunnies for the toughest card of Easter RIGHT HERE!

8 responses to ““Biker Bunny” Easter eCard Behind-the-Scenes!”

  1. I forgot my password so I followed your instructions on how to reset password and it just kept repeating itself. After spending an 1 1/2 hours making my Christmas video it was very irritating!!!! Not happy at all with your web site.

  2. Under you Birthday cards you have two Birthday videos.
    1 Male striptease and 2. Female striptease
    You should also put them under Valentines cards but change the ending of the video to say Happy Valentines day.

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