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Fancy Friday 2015!

Some workplaces have “Casual Fridays,” but not so at JibJab! Since every day is pretty casual here, once in a while, on a random Friday, we like to get FANCY.


Talented artists, production folks, tech wizards, and customer service heroes alike enjoy dressing up and feelin’ fancy!


Our fearless leaders Gregg and Evan’s office is directly below where we took those pictures. The landing from jumping one above startled Gregg at first, but he’s recovered just fine. We think. We hope.


Okay, so… now back to shorts and tee shirts, right? At least until the NEXT FANCY FRIDAY…!

2 responses to “Fancy Friday 2015!”

  1. I think you are missing some opportunities, I have been using jibjab for years and you need more e cards to put families on, more 4 people options.
    A Bollywood Dancing one would be great and it is very popular now due to movies like Budapest Hotel.
    Loving the holiday options keep them coming.
    Love to see some inspirational ones you can put faces one.

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