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Meet the JibJabbers: Monica Harrion!

You think eCards and Starring You shenanigans just come outta nowhere? Just magic outta thin air? No way! Real live humans need to art and technology and plan and… science… and… stuff… Anyway, every week or so, we’re going to introduce you to some of ’em. This week is the one and only Monica Harrion!



1. How long have you been Jibbing and Jabbing?

Nine months.

2. Where are you from originally? (Did JibJab steal you from your home?)

I’m originally from Jackson, Mississippi but have been living in Los Angeles area since 2006.

3. What’s your area of creative expertise here?

I’m a Technical Artist on Starring You eCards who animate the heads and create the head assets like hair and caps for music videos. Also I work on a Storybots Starring You videos.

4. It’s unfair to ask for favorites, but… what project here holds a special place in your heart?

My fav project was the “Hey Ma’” project. I had to setup, design, animate and rotoscope all four characters.

5. What JibJab fun are you working on at on the JibJabJob currently?

My current projects are “Funky Ghost” and “Ice Ice Baby Christmas.”

Those are some delightful titles, and we’ll be on the lookout for ’em. Thanks for your time, Moni, and thanks for adding to the billions of laughs!


4 responses to “Meet the JibJabbers: Monica Harrion!”

  1. I paid my $18.00 for a membership and it will not let me do anything until I pay another $18.00 membership. Is this a scam to get more money from me?

  2. I think with the craziness that’s going on in the political scene in the US race for the democratic and republican nominee for president you guys should have a video so I can add some of my friends into it. Like four of five of them on the debate stage with voice over from there stupid comments. Both parties are worth a joke at this time.

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