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Meet the JibJabbers: Kurt Hartfelder!

You think JibJab Messages and eCards and Starring You fun just magically happens? That these laughter creators simply appear from the ether for your enjoyment? Nope! Human beings must utilize their art talents and technological know-how to create all this hilarity. Here is one such human… Kurt Hartfelder! 



1. How long have you been Jibbing and Jabbing?

Four years – starting off as a summer intern!

2. Where are you from originally? (Did JibJab steal you from your home?)

Ohio born and raised – grew up in Columbus, Ohio.

3. What’s your area of creative expertise here?

Design and Animation

4. It’s unfair to ask for favorites, but… what project here holds a special place in your heart?

Bicycle Birthday”  (It’s kinda autobiographical.)

5. What JibJab fun are you working on at on the JibJabJob currently?

I am the creative director for JibJab Messages content and I’m constantly working to come up with funny little animations for the app.

Thanks for participating in our 5-question speed round, Kurt! (And be careful on that unicycle!)

5 responses to “Meet the JibJabbers: Kurt Hartfelder!”

  1. So that’s where my son has been these past four years!! I wondered! Actually, I know Kurt has been loving being one of the Jib Jabbers! You guys are a great group of people – and great at what you do! Keep on Jib Jabbing! Oh, and by the way, it only took Kurt 20 minutes to master the first unicycle his Mom and I got him when he was a kid – but wait, he’s still a kid!!

  2. Kurt, I’m so proud of you. You are doing a great job and I’m happy you enjoy working at Jib Jab as much as you do.
    Love you, Nana

  3. I really wish you guys would do vanhalen JUMP song with the words TRUMP. Would be awesome and probably go viral.

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