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JibJab has a new ecard to make you FEEL GOOD!


Show off your funky dance moves to James Brown’s greatest hit in the feel good JibJab video of the century! (Also available in Birthday, You Rock, and Love categories!)

12 responses to “JibJab has a new ecard to make you FEEL GOOD!”

  1. I want to join Jib Jab, but am concerned when you send these cards out, can you set a date e.g. Dec. 3 if ordered now? Can’t find anything on that on the site. How many can you send a year? Thankyou

  2. Would really love it if you could have more dance videos that have girls in them. My daughter loves to make these and send them but there is not as many to pick from with female dancers. Especially for young girls. Thanks!

  3. I love this site.
    It would be great if there was a way to insert faces in character to use as Facebook pictures
    Thank you and keep up the great work

  4. Hi, I love the work you guys do and all the ecards your creative geniuses work so hard on so have been using JibJab for a few years now. I just have one question, can you guys make some more ecards for females? Most of the ‘starring you’ cards are for men so I sometimes struggle to find one suited just for a female and keep repeating the same ones. Thank you guys for being so awesome! Hope to see more ecards for ladies!

  5. I used to love Jib Jab but now that you can’t send any free Starring You videos…I will not open your site. I had a subscription for a year but didn’t use it because nothing new was offered. NOW I would like to send my daughter a mother’s day video, and won’t because you want a subscription to do it. Great ideas for the cards and videos.

  6. I was just thinking that a video of “Do My Thing” by Estelle would make a great e-card….Any chance of that happening?

  7. The concept for Jib Jab is great, BUT . . . your geniuses need to update it so faces are centered and adjusted to fit the inserts on your photos and videos. Currently, photos come out either too small or too large and off center, which makes for a very sloppy looking card/video. If you have someone there that could fix this problem so photos are centered and size adjusted automaticly, that would be a tremendous improvement. If not, hire people who have the ability to do so.
    You’ve raised your rates 55% but not improved anything! Please show pride in Jib Jab and fix this problem.

  8. I’ve seen your cards and videos and really love them. I downloaded your app and tried your website and have become disenchanted! I can’t seem to do anything with the free subscription you offer except sign up and add pics to my profile. I have to upgrade in order to create anything! I likely would have upgraded my account had you offered ANYTHING with my free subscription but I won’t now! Very disappointing! VERY!!!

  9. Canada is set to celebrate it’s 150th anniversary in July;
    how about some canadian options for our independence day.
    Thank you in advance

  10. I don’t care for the way we make talking faces on your site.
    You can’t even get the mouth to look right. It was better before

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