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Fun New Holiday Gifs on JIBJAB MESSAGES!

Ho ho ho! Merry Happy! New holiday gifs all up in JibJab Messages!

unnamed (1)

unnamed-1 (1)


17 responses to “Fun New Holiday Gifs on JIBJAB MESSAGES!”

  1. Jibjab was deleted off of my computer. I wasn’t aware that there was an annual fee. I was also not informed that I had to renew my subscription. I’m 75 yrs old and am getting a bit frustated because I’m asked to log in and my password is rejected. When I request a new passwor I have one option. I click on it and am again directed to s loh in asking for the password. Can you please sort this one out?????

    Thanks, Walt. The best to all of you in the new year!!!!!

      • All is working good. The only problem I have now is trying to upgrade. Got a bit confused with your advice on how to pay. Would appreciate it if you can let me know how to upgrade.
        Reckon I was born before my time. Will ben76 in April. I think youn people are priceless. Thanks for your imaginations.


  2. To JIBJAB
    I just paid to be a member to be able to send a card. I still get the question if I would like to upgrade. How do I do to be abel to use the app and get value for money????

  3. HOw do I get rid of the black “moustaches” on my cards when my characters are singing? They ruin these great cards!
    Thanks for your help!

  4. Hi

    I’ve experimented with a video, to see what it’s like, signed up for what I thought was a one-off thing. I’ve got a video which I couldn’t use for what I wanted, but there’s something in the profile (which I accessed by accident) that says? the subscription was $18 for a year.
    I don’t have an access to my banking at the moment, but could you please cancel that membership as it is not useful for me as I’ve figure out after getting that one video

    Thank you

    Happy New Year


  5. You renewed my account and I no longer want your services. I emailed you several days ago. No response. Please credit my account!!

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