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The End of the Road: Year in Review (2005-2014)

Reposted from JibJab’s Facebook page on December 10th:

Friends of JibJab,

We have some news that many of you will not like. After 10 years of producing JibJab Year in Review music videos, we have decided that 2014 would be the last year.

Why did we make that decision? First, completing a decade of Year in Review videos felt like quite an accomplishment. Second, after 10 years of producing them, the creative format started to feel stale to us. If we couldn’t get excited about it, we knew we’d never deliver a winner. Third, our creative siren is calling us in different directions – namely our new JibJab app ( and our kids and family brand, StoryBots (

For those of you who were looking forward to our Year in Review video, we are truly sorry to disappoint you. Our mission to make “Billions of People Happy” remains unchanged and we hope our newer initiatives deliver some smiles and laughs to you and the people you care about this holiday season.

Your Pals,
Evan & Gregg Spiridellis
JibJab Co-Founders (aka, the Guys in The Logo)



85 responses to “The End of the Road: Year in Review (2005-2014)”

  1. Shucks! And here I was thinking you guys were going to have a field day with Trump’s antics!

    Good luck with your new endeavors. Looking forward to future creative works!

  2. OH NO !!! My Christmas is ruined, say it ain’t so, please ! Why not wait till after Christmas to quit on all your loyal supporters ? Why ? Why can’t I send Christmas JJ this year like I have for so many other years ? Sob…Sob…Sob!!!

  3. So sorry to hear no 2015 year in review,
    It was a great run, and like many I was looking forward to the year in review.

    Thank you for all the previous year in review.

  4. I am extremely disappointed by your decision to discontinue the annual Year in Review videos. After coming back to your site looking for it, I was even further disappointed to find that I could also now longer view my past videos or preview my faces in the new videos (without a current subscription). Needless to say, I won’t be renewing my subscription. Too bad…


  5. Well this is sad news. While I don’t frequent the site or make the videos anymore, the year in review was what brought me to you guys. It was honestly the one most awesome thing I looked forward to the end of the year- to see how you would collage it all together. Sorry to hear you won’t be making more.

  6. Guess there is no reason to check out your website any longer. I looked forward to the Year in Review. Would have been nice to have known a month or so ago that you had decided not to do them anymore.

  7. Way to ruin 2015, JibJab. I still haven’t forgiven you for not making an election video in 2012. If you are not doing year in review any more, I have no use for you at all.

  8. Truly one of your biggest fans. Very disappointed there is no “Year In Review”. One of the things I always looked forward to when people would stop by I showed them off like they were my very own off-spring. I have reached that point in life where my social life consists of face/book and funerals and Jib Jab has been a bright spot. Poor me! Lost another close friend. Not to worry, I shall remain a faithful follower which ever road you take. Happy Holidays to your entire crew.

  9. I’ve been looking forward to the year in review since your last one…to find this out now…is most disappointing…thanks for the cherry on top of an epic fail year cake.

  10. Sad to hear about this. I was really looking forward to this year in review. Are you guys doing a video on the 2016 nomination/election??

  11. Boo. I really was looking forward to this year… You guys are still doing the nomination/election videos, right?

  12. Definitely a bummer to hear, but why wait until December 22nd to make the announcement? Surely this decision was made well prior.

  13. Dear jib and jab,
    I am so sad that my one year end tradition has been stripped from me. I have been a fan of yours since I was 6 years old with your hilarious release of “This Land” and have been loyal to your YouTube channel since the beginning. I always wait anxiously for your clever “year in review” video to recap the year and now with your departure I have no where else to turn. I would do anything for you to make another year in review video. Please reconsider your decision as I believe many like myself are left deprived from the witty recap of the previous year.

    • Hi Laurie,

      The Year in Review videos were free for everyone to access and are not included in the subscription as a “premium” feature. Please feel free to contact us at for any more questions – and Happy New Year!

      Team JibJab

  14. Just renewed My Membership ONLY for the reason that Years End Productions are Classic Composite of History with a bit of Humor – – What is wrong with you – did the CIA and Hillary Clinton get to you – No More Freedom of Speech – is that what it is ? ? ? What a bunch of pansies !

  15. You will lose a lot of fans over this. Horribly disappointed, I looked forward to this every year since middle school. Even the election time parodies were fantastic. Seems like a bunch of politically correct cowards these days, comedy is nothing but profanity and a total waste of time anymore. You’ve compromised everything I liked about Jibjab, and I know I’m not the only person to feel this way. See ya.

  16. I guess all good things must come to an end 😦

    Nevertheless thanks for the good years you did produce them, they were great!

    Still hoping you’ll change your mind sooner than later 😉

  17. Dear Evan & Gregg Spiridellis,

    I just want to say while I respect the decision of the Creative Design Team I am deeply sadden with the finale of a Year in Review. It was a yearly tradition in my circle of friends and family to watch all prior episodes before watching the current one. Remembering great events in humorous fashion. Best of Luck with Jibjab future.

  18. Disappointed to hear there’ll be no more year-in-review videos. Those were the very best part of your site. I’m sorry to say that without on to look forward to, I’ve got no reason to keep coming back.

  19. I wish I’d seen this first before I commented elsewhere. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crushed by the news, but I understand. It’s kind of a shame, though, since there’s a lot in the past year at which you could have aimed your satirical barbs. As I said in my comment elsewhere, it would have been interesting to see how you handled Caitlyn Jenner alone, not to mention the crazy whether in the past month.

  20. Hope to maybe see some political cartoons soon! I loved the past ones from 2008 to 2004. Always a blast to watch. Missed some in 2012. 😦

  21. But…this was literally the only thing I had to look forward to in the year.

    Now I have nothing.


  22. You should resurrect the year in review as a challenge to other YouTubers, puppeteers and animators to fill in the gap, outsource it as a contest. Let others pick up the tradition and seek the prize and exposure. Then you have the option of showing the runners up, or editing all the best videos together in a Y-I-R mashup. Could generate a lot of social media and press for all involved. It’s not too late for 2016.

  23. Resurrect the Year in Review as a contest. Invite other YouTubers, animators, puppeteers, etc. to make their own Y-I-R videos. Share the best ones. There are plenty of people who would do it for the prize and exposure. Outsource the whole thing. Hope you’ll take the idea to heart for 2016. It could generate a lot of press and exposure for JibJab.

  24. I wish you would have looked at it the other way, and went back to making more originals, i know they probably dont make you as much money or give you as much notoriety, but they were interesting and a great way to speak to people in a way that doesn’t feel so angry.

    i loved your take on the year in review, in a year which so much has happened, putting something out in a fun format can make all the difference.

    Will definitely miss your originals.


  25. You guys are great and I love your videos- Im truly sad over the news of NO YEAR REVIEW- 2015 sure had its moments.

    No shortage of crazy material this year.


    Big Fan in SoFlo


  26. I am very disappointed in the decision to cancel the year in review production. I look forward to the Jib-Jab Originals and this was the last of them (with the political characters running for office in 2016, it seems you could have a field day with new material). The videos that originally drove me to the Jib-Jab website and caused me to subscribe to the annual membership – a member for the past 3+ years and a couple of other years prior to that – are now completely shelved to focus on what appears to be the money making aspect of the Jib-Jab brand. This is a very disappointing decision and one that I think you will find hurts your brand in the long run.

  27. I understand your decision, but I am really going to miss these. They were the best thing you did all year. Besides, years themselves are just going around the sun doing the same thing time and time again. I’d love to see them back, or at least someone else to do them.

  28. Man, time flies. I remember when I was 14 watching the Jib Jab YIRs. Those shorts were what I looked forward to at the end of each year. Now I’m 19 in college and I’m still keeping up with you guys. I totally understand the creative exhaust, it happens after a while of doing the same concept. I hope Jib Jab will have more fantastic multi media to release!

  29. While I can understand growing weary of the tradition. It is a modern day holiday tradition for me. I actually realized today NYE that I hadn’t seen your Year in Review yet and became giddy at the thought only to be disappointed. I am very sad that this will no longer be a part of your repertoire. I wish you well with your other endeavors

  30. I love your new app, but I think that you should continue making end of the year videos. These videos are the highlight of my new year. They are all hilarious. It never got old for me. Plus, you could have made fun of Star Wars.

  31. I love your new app. I was very disappointed in not seeing a video for 2015. The End of the Year videos are the highlight of my new year. It allowed me to laugh off the bad things while remembering the good things that happened. You really should have done one more. You could have made fun of Star Wars.

  32. Jibjab is moving away from the things that put it on the map and made it great. I wish JibJab the best in your new direction, but when companies get away from what they are good at the end result is never favorable.

  33. This is the saddest thing – I have always looked for these – best to all of you as you move on to bigger and better

    Happy New Year

  34. You want to make “millions of people happy”, well you’ve failed. People were expecting a 2015 year in review, and none came without so much as an explanation. A blog post isn’t enough. Your Year End Review music videos were often featured on the Rachel Maddow Show, so a decision like this needed to be more public. JibJab not making them anymore is like Burger King no longer making Whoppers.

    They’re a vital part of your branding and now they’re gone. I don’t think you realize how much damage you’ve done to your brand. It sends a message to people that all you really care about is the money made from your monetized content.

    Perhaps it isn’t that you’re creative sirens have drawn you in a different direction, but that perhaps you’ve let the money get in the way of your creativity. It isn’t wrong to make money from your content, but at the same time you’ve allow your focus on it erode your “true” creativity.

    No longer making your original works, the political satire videos, music videos and comedy pieces has caused your creativity to stagnate. You can find it again, but it means setting aside time to work on original works that aren’t in your monetized portfolio.

    You will find that you’ve lost a large subsection of your audience, and the only way to get them back is to publically apologize and get your “mojo” back so to speak by working on new original works again.

    If you don’t you’ll just fall into obscurity like so many other companies before you. Do you really want that to happen to JibJab. Well it will, but you prevent it. You still have time.

    Do the right thing for yourself and for your audience.

  35. I cannot express my disgust and hatred of this atrocious and disgustingly depressing move. The Year In Review was my all-time favorite series and I have watched it every year since 2007 AD. I’ve memorized several of them and sing them all year long.

    The joy and tradition of watching them with my grandfather was the highlight of my New Year festivities. I cannot express my disappointment and anger at such a horrid move.

    I’m not going to do business with you any more.

  36. Bad idea stopping the End of Year Review. It’s what really made you famous. You’ll lose money because of it. Another stupid decision made by someone who has forgotten what got you to where you are today.

  37. A lot of people aren’t going to visit your site anymore. I’ve been typing year in review in the Google search box every month since October. Every week for a month now. I haven’t see presidential campaign video either.

  38. I don’t particularly care that there’s no “year in review” video this year. Yes, it sucks. But what really gets me is that I used to come around for the original videos. The political jokes and satire. Then those went away and the year in review videos were the only things left. Now, it seems that all JibJab has to offer are there cheesy and pointless insert your face here e-cards. Those aren’t fun. Those aren’t funny. Those aren’t even that imaginative in my personal opinion.

    So while it isn’t the end of the “year in review” in and of itself, this will probably be the last time that I come around It’s just not…Fun anymore. May 2016 see you well.

  39. I was really looking forward to seeing the JIB JAB Year in Review Video. I don’t know why it has not been produced? I hope you leadership reconsiders and puts a video out this year. Thanks for reading!!


  40. Hi!
    It is truly sad that you are not going make any year in review vids anymore. I am a fan since the beginning and your post reaches me only today.

    I wonder that the originals seem not to be interesting for you anymore. I was very curious to see what you would have made from Star Wars VII movie launch this time. Nevertheless I would be very grateful to see you doing vids in the future.

    Many thanks for the many laughs.


  41. SOOOOOOOO disappointed!!!!!!!!!!! It’s New Year’s Day and I got up this morning wanting to keep in my usual tradition of watching your yearly “Year in Review” video for 2015 and was so disapointed to find this! I think every year that you have produced has been awesome and not lacking in creativity one bit. I guess you didn’t want to take the time to make one because you don’t make any money off them. Just as you have failed to make any parody videos of current events lately that everyone seems to love also. The Jib Jab originals is what brought me to your site and prompted me to purchase several of you e-cards in the past. It’s a shame when companies begin to shift ALL their focus on the money and lose sight of pleasing their loyal fans. Very disapointed in you, Jib Jab. 😦

  42. I am sure you already know, but this decision did not rest well with your fans.
    “If we couldn’t get excited about it, we knew we’d never deliver a winner.”
    Well – I am not excited about my job, but I still do it every day. In addition, what you are saying is that you can’t get excited about making your fans happy, what kind of message does that send?
    Anyway, the decision is yours. But I feel it was a mistake.

  43. Hi guys,
    First, let me thank you for a decade of years in review. I respect your business and creative decisions, however the YIR is the primary reason that I’ve kept up my subscription. I know I don’t need a subscription to see the vid, but it was my way of supporting your work. In response to your new direction, I think that it is time for me to end my subscription. I’ll attend to that shortly. I wish you well in your future endeavors and look forward to the day when you put together a nostalgia YIR.

    Best wishes,

  44. That is incredibly disappointing that there will be year in review, especially with all of the crazy things this year like trump and Hilary, Caitlin Jenner , etc. the selfie craze, please reconsider this decision

  45. Mr. & Mr. Spiridellis,
    I’ll apologize in advance, because this is not going to be a pleasant comment. Today, I checked your website, eager to see your new creation of satirical gold that has accompanied every new year for the past 10 years. I just read your announcement, much to my shock & dismay. Obviously, it’s your business & can do whatever you wish, but I can honestly say I’m appalled, and think you’ve made a deplorable decision.
    I can tell from your statement that you’re ambivalent about this decision, so I don’t mean to make you feel worse. However, I feel compelled to voice my disdain & sadness. Since your very first political satire appeared on Jay Leno all those years ago, I’ve been a huge fan of your work, and have eagerly awaited each subsequent video. I don’t mean to criticize your e-card line, but they just don’t compare to the keen sense of humor you exhibit in your satirical videos.
    I can respect your decision insofar as you’re right about a lack of excitement being detrimental to creativity. However, I feel that if one is truly exceptional at something, they have a sort of obligation to carry on. I don’t expect to sway your decision in this matter. I just wanted to voice my opinion, and regretfully inform you that I most likely won’t be back to your site again, except possibly to watch some of the old videos when I need a good laugh.

    Thanks for those laughs, and good luck in future endeavors,

    Kurt A. Z.

  46. I am sorry to hear that you are discontinuing the year in review videos. I found them to be very entertaining and I hope, down the road, that you will find the inspiration to begin again .

  47. There’s a charge of $18.00 on my credit card this month without my authorization. I purchased a jibjab last year around this time and considered another but did not. Please contact me & rectify this.

  48. Dear Jibjab,

    for pulling the plug on your annual end of the new year music roundup…


    Join the club of used to be cool, but now are just a lame bottom line driven money grubbing “Online” businesses.


    Nick Burns

  49. I have been a fan of jibjab for over 10 years and looked forward to the year in review, as the site focus changed. I am very sad to see the year in reviews gone, as this was the only thing I really liked on the site anymore. So as of this moment, I am ending my relationship with you jibjab, it was fun while it lasted but you seem to have drifted away from what I originally loved about you, and we just don’t have anything in common anymore.

    Goodbye Jibjab

  50. You guys were a wonderful creative inspiration for the last 10 years as I struggled through Film School and started up my own parody t-shirt site. Your year in review videos have been my first thought ringing in every New Year came with 2007 being my favorite. Thanks for the memories!

  51. I used to subscribe to JibJab just to try and provide a little bit of support for the videos (especially the “Year in Reviews”). JibJab always did an awesome job at high-lighting the key events and overtime it almost becomes historical archives. Sounds stupid, but I couldn’t remember when Michael Jackson died, so instead of just doing a google search, I watched every JibJab video till I found what I was looking for, in the process I re-learned when the iPhone was released, OJ Simpson went on his joy run in the bronco, Steve Jobs passing, lol the “End of the World of 2012″…it is sad, so much history compiled in a great method of entertainment that won’t be available anymore. Be great if someone would pick this up, I was hoping this would be a continued tradition with JibJab.

  52. Unfortunately the best thing you had was the year in review.
    I had been checking your website and youtube channel since December 1st, waiting for it.
    Disappointed is not enough to express how I feel.

  53. I have been going back to the web site every day waiting for the new Year in and Review. I am so disappointed! That was my highlight of the Holiday season and now its over. Please reconsider. They are so well done.

  54. The year in review or videos about the presidential races may not of been what was most profitable but it was what made you guys what you were. It was those kind of videos that got you where you were and you just forsook your legacy. You have disappointed a lot of fans who supported you from the beginning. Terrible move.

  55. I loved those year review videos they are very funny I am too disappointed there will be no more videos of that.

  56. I have never posted on this blog before, but feel I need to voice my disappointment. I have been a JibJab subscriber since believe 2009. Since then I have used the e-card service a couple times and they are fun but I have really continued my subscription to support the team mostly because the year in review makes me laugh and I looked forward to it year over year. I have already paid for my subscription renewal and that is fine but sadly I think it will be the last time. Bring the year in review back and I will be back. Thanks for the laughs!

  57. The year that would have been the best… With trump being an idiot and everything else that’s gone on… I feel like I could cry. Those videos were tradition 😦

  58. But the only reason I came to the website was to watch and show other people the Year in Review videos! Well I guess this is goodbye JibJab…

  59. I adored you for your hilarious political satire. When I saw yesterday’s bizarre and kooky Palin endorsement of Trump I dashed to your site thinking that you’d be the first to whip up a spectacular satire. I was disappointed to see your site has become a generic ecard ecommerce site, and the sample video was merely a video of real people with animated heads attached superimposed, no longer the great animations you used to create. Very disappointing. Seems that the site’s goal has shifted from cutting edge insight and commentary to mass-produced pablum. Something great has been lost.

  60. I have to agree with everyone in saying that I’m very disappointed that you have decided not to do a year in review. I would also like to add my concern at the apparent drop in quality of most of your work now seems to revolve around baseless parities and fart jokes. I don’t know what prompted you to make these decisions but I do know that I will no longer be supporting your company.

  61. Time to cancel my subscription, it would seem. A shame, these ‘Year in review’ videos were to New Years as Bing Crosby/David Bowie’s ‘little drummer boy’ was to Christmas… End of an era 😦

  62. So disappointed there won’t be anymore Year in Review videos. It’s what I look forward to every New Year. I’d been searching for the newest one when I finally Googled when it would be released only to find this tidbit of info. While I understand the need to venture in different directions I’m sure a lot of people are going to be disappointed in this as I am. Best of luck and I hope to see another one down the road!

  63. First let me start by saying thank you for making the videos. I enjoyed every singleome. I have to now say that I think you made a terrible decision. In my entire life I have never come to this website for an ECard. Your political and Year in Review videos were unmatched. I STILL watch all of them every year. Even back when one had to dig through endless (and useless) ecards to find them.

    This could be the worst decision ever made for your brand. In 10 years no one will even know who you are.

    So sad,

  64. Well, you made a mistake with that decision. Original humor is lacking these days and you’re far more talented than doing “cards”. You are already making less than “billions happy”. No reason to come to this website again. Good luck with whatever I won’t be interested in…hope its worth it

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